Although Stone Tools Have Been Found At Many Archaeological Sites, Little Is Known About The UAE's Early Inhabitants As Only A Few Settlements Have Been Found Many Ancient Towns In The Area Were Trading Centers Between The Eastern And Western Worlds. The Remnants Of An Ancient Mangrove Swamp, Dated At 7,000 BC, Were Discovered During The Construction Of Sewer Lines Near Dubai Internet City


Dubai Has A Hot Desert Climate. Summers In Dubai Are Extremely Hot, Windy, And Humid, With An Average High Around 41 °C (106 °F) And Overnight Lows Around 30 °C (86 °F) In The Hottest Month, August.


Law Enforcement
The Dubai Police Force, Founded In 1956 In The Locality Of Naif, Has Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Over The Emirate; The Force Is Under Direct Command Of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler Of Dubai.Dubai And Ras Al Khaimah Are The Only Emirates That Do Not Conform To The Federal Judicial System Of The United Arab Emirates.


Tourism Is An Important Part Of The Dubai Government's Strategy To Maintain The Flow Of Foreign Cash Into The Emirate. Dubai's Lure For Tourists Is Based Mainly On Shopping,But Also On Its Possession Of Other Ancient And Modern Attractions. As Of 2013, Dubai Was The 7th Most Visited City Of The World And The Fastest Growing, Increasing By A 10.7% Rate
Dubai Bid For Expo 2020
On November 2, 2011 Four Cities Had Their Bids For Expo 2020 Already Lodged, With Dubai Making The Last-Minute Entry. The Delegation From The Bureau International Des Expositions Who Visited Dubai In February 2013 To Examine The Emirate's Readiness For The Largest Exposition


UAE's Provisional Constitution Declares Islam The Official State Religion Of The UAE.Dubai Also Has Large Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Baha'i, Buddhist And Other Religious Communities Residing In The City
According To The Census Conducted By The Statistics Centre Of Dubai, The Population Of The Emirate Was 1,771,000 As Of 2009, Which Included 1,370,000 Males And 401,000 Females.


The Traditional Attire For Men Is The Dishdasha, An Ankle-Length Garment Woven From Wool Or Cotton. This Attire Is Particularly Well-Suited For Kuwait's Hot And Dry Climate. The Traditional Male Headdress Involves The Ghutrah Headscarf And The Agal Circlet, Often With A Gahfiah Skullcap Underneath To Help Keep The Headscarf In Place.
Dress And Etiquette
Arabic Food Is Very Popular And Is Available Everywhere In The City, From The Small Shawarma Diners In Deira And Al Karama To The Restaurants In Dubai's Hotels. Fast Food, South Asian, And Chinese Cuisines Are Also Very Popular And Are Widely Available.
The United Arab Emirates Is A Part Of The Khaliji Tradition, And Is Also Known For Bedouin Folk Music.During Celebrations Singing And Dancing Also Take Place And Many Of The Traditional Songs And Dances Have Survived To The Present Time.


The School System In Dubai Follows That Of The United Arab Emirates. As Of 2009, There Are 79 Public Schools Run By The Ministry Of Education That Serve Emiratis And Expatriate Arab People As Well As 145 Private Schools. The Medium Of Instruction In Public Schools Is Arabic With Emphasis On English As A Second Language


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